Dalarö Multimedia Services » DMS Photo Gallery » Historic Rock Photos » Jimi Hendrix Experience - Högbo, September 8, 1967

In September 1967 I had one of the most important musical experiences of my life. Jimi Hendrix played in an old barn in Högbo, outside Sandviken. I brought with me my camera, my tele and a whole roll of unexposed film. The lightning was poor and I did my best to keep my camera steady in the packed crowd, not that successful all the time. The negs are much underexposed, despite the brutal development of the film. I kick myself for twenty minutes every day for not doing a better job at such a unique opportunity.

The show? It was fantastic, of course! Much better live than on any of his records. This experience is the reason I regard Hendrix as the best and sonically most innovative guitar player ever! He really expanded the envelope for what you can do with an electric guitar.

Technical info: Zenit3 3M, Tokina 135mm/2,8, at 1/60s f/4. Agfa Isopan Record, developed in D-76, 26 degrees for 20 minutes!!

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