Dalarö Multimedia Services » DMS Photo Gallery » Historic Rock Photos » Jeff Beck Group - Borgen Uppsala, 25 April, 1968

I saw the Jeff Beck Group perform at Borgen, a small youth club in Uppsala. Jeff had left the Yardbirds to form his own band. The band had an obvious ambition to play the blues, but Jeff was more known to a broader public by his hits, Love Is Blue and Hi Ho Silver Lining. As I remember it, the blues numbers were not that much appreciated by the audience and when someone requested Hi Ho, the band hasted through the song, packed up and left the scene. It was an abrupt ending of a show that would have been a fantastic experience, in another place and with another audience.

The singer in the band was a still unknown Rod Stewart, this is before he joined The Faces. Towards the end of the session he was so drunk they had him stashed away between the Marshall Stack and the wall. But oh boy, he could still do the singing!

I’m sorry for the technical quality of the photos. But the lightning of the scene was so poor, only a single spotlight and I had the crazy idea to never use a flash, no matter the conditions.

Technical info: Zenit 3M, Tokina 135mm/2,8. Tri-X, developed in D-72, 26 degrees, 15 minutes!

All photos by PGatDMS. Copyright 2013.