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In April 1969, Fleetwood Mac played at the Stockholm Konserthus, with the Swedish group Made In Sweden as the opening act. Except for a very good recording, there is very little documentation from the event, so I have decided to present some of my photos from the show, despite the low quality of the photos (the negs are extremely underexposed).

Note: There seems to be some confusion  regarding the date of concert. The dates March 23, April 1 and even November 2 are mentioned. My notes, however, are clear, they say April 1, 1969.

I do not remember that much from the show. I think, Peter Green kind of stayed in the background, you can see also on the pictures that the spot lights are on the rest of the group and Peter is in the shadows most of the time.

Tri-X - D76 8 min 20 degrees (my mistake).